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Exploring Secularism is structured according to key stage, from 1 through to 5, with some resources being appropriate for multiple key stages. Each topic comprises a lesson plan and an associated power point presentation (PP). Some will also feature hand-out sheets (HO) where required. Lessons can either be explored in sequence, progressing week to week, or individually, with topics selected based on their relevance to other areas of study. Whilst the resources are ready to be used as they are, teachers may wish to modify and adapt them to best suit the needs of their pupils.

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Core Principles

What is secularism? How do secularists and their critics address freedom of and...

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression is a key value in a pluralist society and in the development...

Equality & Human Rights

Respect for equality and human rights are fundamental aspects of most forms of...

Secularism, Religion & Society

People of all faiths and none and in all societies have considered how people’s...

Secularism, Art & Literature

The arts and literature have played an important role in every human rights and...

Secularism & History

Some of the most important events and changes in British history have involved...