Theme 4

People of all faiths and none and in all societies have considered how people's beliefs impact on them and the rights of others. Secularism seeks to create a framework in which the rights of all in society are protected. Many pressing social issues concern different interpretations of religious privilege, tolerance and discrimination. In these resources students will contrast and critique different viewpoints on the role of secularism and religion in society. They will explore key questions:

  • What is a secular democracy?
  • What is a theocracy?
  • Are secularism and pluralism in conflict?
  • Are we a 'Christian country'?
  • Should we have a state church?
  • Should religion influence government?
  • What is secularisation?
  • Should government ceremonies be Christian?
  • Should religions be exempt from animal welfare laws?
  • Should religions run public services?
  • What about social action by religious groups?
  • What role should religion have in schools?
  • What role should worship have in schools?
  • What are 'British Values'?
  • What role should religion have in healthcare?
  • How should Religious Education be taught?

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