Theme 3

Respect for equality and human rights are fundamental aspects of most forms of secularism. Increasingly, political and moral debates are framed around competing interpretations of equality and human rights. In these resources students will learn how equality and human rights are protected in UK and international law. They will contrast and critique a variety of secularist and non-secularist viewpoints and form their own opinions on the key questions:

  • What is freedom of and from religion?
  • What is apostasy?
  • Should freedom of and from religion have limits?
  • What are equality laws?
  • What is direct and indirect discrimination?
  • Should we have 'one law for all'?
  • When can religions discriminate?
  • What are your rights at work?
  • What are 'children's rights'?
  • What are "reproductive rights?
  • What does religious discrimination look like?

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