Below you can download a template letter introducing your school to our range of Exploring Secularism resources. As this is just an introduction letter, we highly recommend that you personalise it for your particular purposes. Some things to think about:

  • Which subject or subjects are you recommending the school use Exploring Secularism with? You may wish to check out our subject area breakdown.
  • Are you recommending a set of resources or a specific resource addressing a specific subject or topic?
  • How is Exploring Secularism similar or different to other external resources used in your school?
  • Is there an upcoming existing lesson plan, topic or event Exploring Secularism that resources would enrich?
  • Have you already gone through some of the resources with your child? What did they find most useful or interesting?

If you would like to discuss this with our member of our team or get some copies of the resources, please get in touch.