1.16 Where does secularism come from?


This is a standalone resource that can be used as a primer for a wider exploration of secularist history in theme 6 resources. The stimulus explores how different societies and periods in history have considered the core questions which secularism seek to address. In the exercise, students compare and contrast these societies and their versions of secularist thought. Some questions in the exercise examine specific stimuli, or can be used to compare any two stimuli.


History | Religion & Belief Education | Philosophy

Key questions

  • Where does secularism come from?

Learning outcomes


Students should demonstrate they can:

  • Understand how views on the role of religion in society have impacted the development of secularist thought in a range of settings.


In addition to the basic learning outcomes, students should demonstrate they can:

  • Compare and contrast the role of secularist thought in key historical contexts.

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