1.12 Religious privilege, tolerance and discrimination (part 4) – The paradox of tolerance.


This resource is aimed at older (KS5) students as it requires critical engagement with more complicated ideas regarding tolerance. The stimuli explore philosophical perspectives on the so called "paradox of tolerance" – that in the interest of tolerance we must tolerate some forms of intolerance, but not others – and practical examples of how secularists and others address these questions.

This can be combined with 1.06 for an in-depth look at religious tolerance and secularist reasoning.


Politics | Religion & Belief Education | Citizenship | SMSC | Fundamental British Values

Key questions

  • What are religious privilege, tolerance and discrimination?
  • Why do people support or oppose secularism?

Learning outcomes


Students should demonstrate they can:

  • Understand the paradox of tolerance and how this can inform views on secularism.


In addition to the basic learning outcomes, students should demonstrate they can:

  • Critically engage with the paradox of tolerance, relating it to a range of real social issues.

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